Water Surface Profile Calculation in an Open Channel

FHWA HEC-11 Riprap Design

FHWA HEC-15 Channel Lining Design

USDA Filter Design

Bedding Material Introduction

TxDOT Hydraulic Design Manual 2019

TxDOT Atlas 14 EBD Lookup (unzip after download)

HCFCD HEC-RAS 2D Modeling Guidelines

HCFCD 1D Unsteady Flow Modeling Guidelines

HGAC Houston Area 2018 Land Cover 10 Class (EPSG 2278)

Texas Water Development Board Regional Flood Plan Doc

A XPSWMM 2D Modeling Report

Manning’s n Value – 1D and 2D Comparison

NRCS Part 630 NEH Chapter 4 Rainfall Distribution

NOAA Atlas 14 Vol 9 Version 2 Louisiana

 NOAA Atlas 14 Vol 11 Version 2 Texas

 NOAA Areal Reduction Factor Lower Mississippi

 XPSWMM Atlas 14 Presentation

 SCS Texas Hydrology Technical Note 210-18-TX5

 FHWA Culvert Design HDS 5 Third Edition

 HEC-RAS 6.0 Hydraulic Reference Manual

Gridded Coordinate System of HEC (HRAP/SHG/UTM in App D-F)

USACE EM_1110-2-1417 Flood-Runoff Analysis

USACE EM_1110-2-1413 Interior Drainage Analysis

USDA SSURGO Soil Texture Classification Abbreviation

HMR 51

HMR 52

Dam IDF Selection and Incremental Hazard Analysis FERC

Oklahoma Dam Hydrologic and Hydraulic Guidelines

2019 LA MS AR OK Regional PMP Study

Estimation of Soil Water Properties, 1982, Rawls et al

Green-Ampt Infiltration Parameters from Soils Data, 1983, Rawls et al

Soil Water Characteristic Estimates, 2006, Rawls et al

2D Storm Water Modeling Guidelines COH 2020

Storm Water Modeling Software (InfoWorks ICM, XPSWMM) Evaluation COH 2021

HEC-HMS Baseflow PowerPoint Presentation 1

HEC-HMS Baseflow PowerPoint Presentation 2

HEC-RAS 1D 2D Guides and Tutorials

HEC-RAS Culvert Modeling

Combined 1D and 2D Modeling with HEC-RAS